Philanthropic Consultation

Our Donor Relations team can help define or refine short- and long-term giving goals and strategies, identify emerging opportunities for impactful grantmaking, and develop a family giving plan for current and future generations.

Nonprofit Research

We can provide thorough and unbiased research on charitable causes, evaluation of nonprofits, and site visit opportunities for organizations of interest. We also offer a variety of educational resources including resident issue experts and like-minded donors available for support.

Private Foundation Services

While CCF offers alternatives to private foundations, we also work with dozens of private foundations to enhance their giving and help ease the administrative burden. Examples include…

Family Philanthropy

When it comes to the special and personal considerations that arise with family philanthropy, we are adept at developing a plan for the entire family, including opportunities for new generations to engage in charitable endeavors now and succession plans for family funds into the future.

Custom Grant Management

For donors contemplating a major or multi-year gift, CCF can craft grant agreements based on donor directives, desires for recognition or anonymity, and deliverables and outcome triggers for initial and subsequent grant payments. This allows donor funds to remain invested as long as possible. CCF undertakes due diligence for every grant throughout the process, from confirming IRS information to delivering payments.